Es-Tech provides business I.T. support services that help organisations of all sizes to manage their networked computer systems, maximize their Return on Investment, control third-party I.T. Contractors and to supplement internal I.T. departments to deliver maximum up-time to users.

Es-Tech has a highly skilled team with a proven track record of attracting customers from a standing start, providing value-for-money I.T. Support services and today, we are meeting the needs of over 50 organizations across the U.K. running a variety of network systems servicing 5 – 10 users, through mid-range single site networks of 25 – 40 users up to multi-site organisations servicing in excess of 200 users.


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At Es-Tech, we don’t sell technology for technology’s sake. Instead, we take the time to understand our customers’ requirements so that we can deliver an on-going flexible I.T. support service that is right for their business. Unhindered by legacy infrastructure or revenue streams, Es-Tech is able to take advantage of disruptive technologies to provide innovative solutions that give our customers a flexible and cost effective alternative to their existing I.T. services and support provider.